What Inspires You?

Written by Emily Harstone | March 23, 2016



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    Maymunah says:

    the people around me, I look at world and see that something is missing or to enlighten the people of how and what I see in the world. the stories of other people inspire me to write, the evil and beauty of the world inspires me to write. And I, myself inspires me to write.

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    Karen Shaver says:

    I am inspired by many things. However, what really inspires me is to inspire others. There is beauty in all things. They say a picture can tell a thousand words. There are limitless opportunities to write. You can find expression in many things and share it with others so they may be inspired.

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    Dahlia D. says:

    I get inspired in several ways. Sometimes it can be something as small as a cut wire hanging from a pole in the street. Sometimes the colour of someone’s hair. Other times it can be a phrase or a random thought. Inspiration can be sparked by a philosophical question, or even a child’s query. There is no one place or source for me. Although disconnecting from technology often helps. Just going out somewhere and avoiding your phone or laptop or tablet, you can come across some inspiring scenes. Going out to somewhere you like in nature, such as the sea or the woods. One of my recent sparks of inspiration for an outfit came from a drawing on a tarot card of what seemed to be a obscure flower or plant. Sparks are everywhere.

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