Write a 6 word short story that goes with this image

Written by Emily Harstone | June 21, 2016

Write a 6 word short story that goes with this image.




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    April Lopez says:

    New to my eyes,new to any concept I had ever had of what a village is;was;should be ;built into the side of a mountain;surrounded by the sea,the life very life-blood of this quaint village.
    Hustling and bustling in a surprisingly calm manner going about their lives of catching fish,selling and eating fish,clams,all the bounty of the sea.
    I was enchanted,drawn in,love at first sight. Genius architect, beautiful design,there was even beauty in the crumbling buildings,that had withstood the test of time the gentle beating of strong winds,salty air,unrelenting sun beams all culminating into the perfect storm of destruction and ruin. I loved it all, I wanted to walk the beaten paths,bathe in the sea and sun,feel the wind on my face, build up what had been broken;heal and be healed.
    I was in love,I was home.

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